We are a non denominational Full Gospel Church.  
We welcome you to Faith and Believe Ministries. We are a non denominational Full Gospel
Church to all people. Our vision is to help people change their lives through Christ by delivering
them through the struggles within,  according to Romans chapter 7 vss 14-23, also Mark  
chapter 10 vss 7-22. This will change others through Christ especially those who are low in self
esteem and trapped in drugs and prostitution. Our goal is to build up people to accomplish their
potential in Christ.
Faith and Believe Church was started in 2008.
I  was trained by Bishop Clerk of Word to the World Church from San Antonio, TX in 1999. Then
trained under Bishop Dotty Banks in 2002 of  Victory Gospel Chapel in San Antonio. TX.
Ordained by Ray Grant of Abundant Word in Sacramento, Ca in  2008.  Also ordained in
California  by Bishop Joshua Smith of New Vision Christian Center of  Sacramento, Ca in 2009.  
Ordained in NV 2011 by  Ray Grant of Abundant Word.

PH: (702) 333.4488
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